Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First one.

I've decided to create blog. A blog where to share my ideas, thoughts and other stuff about computers.
I aint a good writer, but i hope i can manage.

My name is Zero Tolerance. I was born to be one with the computers and i try to give my best to follow this path.

Recently, i sort of "re-discovered" programming. I have dealed some time with Perl, C, C++, Java, Python and even some x86 assembly. I havent actually ever produced anything much useful, but i loved it. Just sitting nights up and writing some basic crap for my own use. And sometimes, some friend's programming schoolwork.

I've decided to try to continue learning the way of C++, as i have always loved this language. It's so pure and so elegant. It's Beautiful. 
I do know it has it's own disadvantages, but what doesn't have those? Barely nothing is perfect.

I have interests in programming, networks, operating systems and optimization software. I  also know a thing or two about hardware, but not really much. I am really more software type.

I love penetration testing, wired and wireless ( although i have dealt with it just a little bit), i love cracking. I love
everything in computers, that can be somehow exploited. Doesn't really matter, if some exploits seem childish to real Wizards of computers.

Although i have screwed up a lot of good opportunities in my life, i don't feel i'm less important or that i'm worse than people around me, who's life seems to be going better.

My life is good. And it's getting better and better :)